Ni Hao!

Guess what I started this week? Mandarin (Chinese) lessons at work. Random, probably, but Nike was offering free beginner classes so I jumped on it! First class is under my belt so I know some basic “How are you”-type phrases.

Langhorne Slim at the Wonder Ballroom

Langhorne Slim at the Wonder Ballroom

Listening to Old 97's at Wonder Ballroom

Listening to Old 97’s at Wonder Ballroom

We also went to our first Portland concert this week – Old 97’s and Langhorne Slim at the Wonder Ballroom. On a Tuesday night, drinking $3 draft PBRs the whole darn time. It was fabulous. It was a small, old venue, we didn’t really know either band well but like any live music, it was a really fun time. Actually, we liked the opening band (Langhorne Slim) better than the headliner. I have a feeling we’re going to be concert junkies around here…

A Sushi-go-round Restaurant

A Sushi-go-round Restaurant

I had another first this week: experiencing a sushi-go-round restaurant. I had never heard of such a thing until Portland, although I guess they exist in some other cities. I need to clarify that I have not been a sushi fan for long. Most of my fish diet has revolved around St. Anne’s fish fries and fish & chips baskets. Yet somehow, I’ve really gotten to like sushi. Yes, it’s mainly tuna, salmon & veggie-based, so it’s not like I’m downing eel and other scary ocean creatures. Anyway, these sushi-go-rounds are the greatest thing ever for the picky sushi eater like me. You just pluck the plates you want from the moving track, and the waiter uses the plate colors (~$1.75 each) to determine your cost. They even have desserts on the track! I’m sort of in love with sushi-go-rounds now. 🙂 Luckily the one in the photo will be right around the corner from our new place…

…Which, by the way, we’re moving into on Tuesday! We’re so excited. And even better, we have more visitors coming next weekend, the fabulous Tillmans traveling from their new home of L.A. Pics to come!

Finally, I must say, the weather’s been downright balmy for it being January. Fifties! Portlanders don’t seem to think much of it, especially since it drizzles frequently, but we’re loving it. We walk and walk and walk all over the city, taking it all in. For instance, we walked Cooper to one of a gazillion local breweries – the Lucky Lab. It’s a dog-friendly brewery, so we grabbed a bite while Coop ogled the other dogs.

Almost one month in our new home! Time flies…

Before all the other pups showed up...

Before all the other pups showed up…

Cooper at the Lucky Lab Brewery

Cooper at the Lucky Lab Brewery

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