Welcome to the Palais de Krass

We’re officially settled in! We might have a few unpacked boxes stashed in our funny little treadmill/patio room, but we’re pretty darn close. Props to Jeff for being the project manager for our move-in – he’s whipped this place into shape in record time.

One thing’s for sure – living in 1000 square feet with no basement is no easy feat anymore. Goodwill got some bulging bags from us yesterday! But we’re a cozy couple and we like cozy places as long as we can walk two blocks and have a smorgasboard of fun restaurants, stores, parks, and more.

We’re excited to have our first visitors to our new place in town! (It’s shower time right now – it takes awhile for four people to get ready in one bathroom.) Need to make a bakery run…

Move-in Day

Before – on move-in day

The kitchen

The cheery kitchen

Living/dining area

Living/dining area

Dining area

Dining area

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