25,000 Colorful Characters

I mentioned before I like signing up for activities and I often drag Jeff along for the ride. (Luckily he’s usually a very happy, often amused participant.) Today, thanks to my over-participation we experienced one of our most interesting adventures: walking in the Portland Pride Parade.

Getting ready for the parade to begin

Getting ready for the parade to begin

Nike has an active LGBT network, and I was told the Pride Parade is a big to-do for a lot of employees. The CEO Mark Parker always walks in it. Numerous other big wigs do as well. In addition, the LGBT network offered free t-shirts and custom shoes for all volunteers – so I was sold!

At 10:30 this morning, we joined 400 Nike employees who walked, including a lot of Jeff’s co-workers. Cooper even came along and got a boatload of attention. It was an impressive event! An estimated 25,000 people turned out for the parade and watched 110 displays and floats.

Of course, the most impressive thing was the participants and viewers. Anyone who’s heard of or seen a Pride parade knows it’s quite the spectacle. Drag queens, half naked people, over-the-top costumes…it’s hard to get shock value since everything is so darn shocking. Check out the pics for just some of the characters out there.

Last but not least, I need to get a Happy Father’s Day out there! Amid the craziness of our day, Jeff and I have to give props to our two awesome dads and all the other hard-working dads in our families and friends. Hats off to you!

The Nike crowd is gathering!

The Nike crowd is gathering!

The Nike CEO, Mark Parker

The Nike CEO, Mark Parker

Our Nike tees

Our Nike tees

One comment

  1. Ali

    Wow! Looks awesome. I would have done it too, especially for the shoes! Think my favorite outfit was the lady with the balloon wings!

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