A Doggie Decade

Happy 10th birthday, Cooper! Double-digits. He made it. One year ago I thought he’d never see this day. He’s rockin’ it, still cheerful, still chomping down on lots of meds and expensive grain-free grub every day, but overall he’s pretty darn healthy. He’s also a happy camper since he got two walks today and a surprise birthday package from his human and kitty buddies across the hall.

I must say, he looks especially fluffy (euphemism for “getting a little chubby”) in these pics because we just gave him a bath at Unleashed. That outing is a perfect example of his condition nowadays: We walked into the store, and while I paid the cashier and collected the basket of bath supplies, out of the blue Coop squatted and pooped inside the store. Gotta love that big tumor in his backside. Somehow he holds it together inside our apartment, but walks outside are full of sudden stops: in the crosswalk of a busy road, in a flower bed, outside our apartment front door – plenty of cringe-worthy moments in front of fellow pedestrians. But here’s to another year of awkward times with our cancer-fighting pup!

A present for me? I love my neighbors!

A present for me? I love my neighbors!

All smiles!

All smiles!

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